2012 Charlotte Jewish Film Festival

Saturday, March 10

Film: The Human Resources Manager
Venue: Levine JCC
Time: 7:30PM
 The Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager

A Charlotte Jewish Film Festival film

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Winner of 5 Israeli Ophirs (Israeli Oscar) Awards 2011 including Best Picture & Best Director

Separated from his wife, distanced from his daughter, and stuck in a job he dislikes for Jerusalem's largest bakery, the Human Resources Manager is depressed and detached from life. When Yulia—one of the bakery's foreign workers-- is killed in a suicide bombing, it becomes a public scandal for the company that no one claims her body. The HR Manager is sent to the victim's hometown in Romania to turn the tide of bad PR for the bakery.

Far from home, on a journey to honor a woman he didn't know, the HR Manager struggles to regain his company's reputation - and possibly his own humanity. A tragi-comedy based on A. B. Yehoshua's novel A Woman in Jerusalem, the film is directed by Eran Ricklis, of The Syrian Bride and The Lemon Tree fame.


"More than anything, this is an intelligent audience picture, a solid and engrossing piece of old-school filmmaking, both humane and character driven, in which the various protagonists learn something — not too much and not too easily — about the nature of their lives." -Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"[A] humane and observant drama… the film has wit and character!" -Ray Bennett, The Hollywood Reporter

"It's a lovely film, a compassionate one that has a sense of humour about the world of Eastern Europe and yet a respect also. Four stars from me." -At the Movies (Australia)

"Putting other people first is a noble and compassionate thing to do. That is the solid and substantive message of 'The Human Resources Manager.'" -Sprituality and Practice

"A quirky film that offers much more than its unorthodox style that veers from tragedy to comedy and back again without every quite losing the laser-like focus on the struggle for people to assert their unique identity in a world that may not care. " -Killer Movie Reviews

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Director: Eran Riklis

Language: Hebrew and Romanian with subtitles

Run time: 103 minutes


Israel 2010

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